Is the last time you’ve been to church when you attended your 2nd cousins 3rd wedding? No problem, St. Luke’s welcomes you!

We welcome you, whether you came here with purpose, or completely by fluke, there is always a spot for you here at St. Luke’s!

Whether you are married with children, expecting a child, have no desire to be around children, have multiple fur babies, single and ready to mingle, divorced, gay, straight, widowed, there is always a seat for you.

Even if you know all the words to all of the prayers, or have simply never said one in your life, we welcome you!

Regardless if you came into our lot with a mini-van, an electric car, Hummer, Harley or sneakers- we welcome you.

If you are Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, or just have never participated in any kind of organized religion- we welcome you.

If you’re going through hard times and your spirit needs a little “pick me up,” our family is more than happy to help.

If you don’t have a thing to wear, or you’re dressed for the runway in Milan, we welcome you.

If you have the perfect face with a jawline that could cut glass, or a face only a mother could love, we welcome you.

Tattooed? Pierced? Stinkin’ rich? Don’t have a pot, nor window to throw it out of, we welcome you!

If you are certain, doubting, seeking… we welcome you.

Young, old, experiencing the middle age spread, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, you can come eat with us!

If you feel you need a prayer, or just have one to share, always remember, we welcome you.