A new beginning…..

1A8EA742-696D-42E7-A695-7F84CA19F6B7Today St. Luke’s and Christ the King churches celebrated the beginning of the next chapter in our church lives, with our new Priest -in- Charge, Father Mitchell Yudasz, conducting a Eucharistic service.  Following our service we gathered in the parish hall for coffee and cake and the sharing of fellowship.  Welcome Fr. Mitch.

Welcome Fr. Mitch Yudasz

Sunday, July 7, 2019, there will be a joint service with Christ the King church, here at St. Luke’s.  We will have a Holy Eucharist service, at 9:00 a.m., with our churches new Priest in Charge, Father Mitch Yudasz.  Following the service there will be a welcoming reception coffee hour.

Notes from our Pastor June 2018 – Helicopter Days


Suddenly, there was the beginning of the “helicopter” days. Just when Michigan had finally broken into its first 80° day, the maple trees on our street started to let loose their little winged seedlings. Ever since I was a kid, the two seeds linked together and floating down on the wind looked like some sort of feathered messengers as they rode on the wind and floated everywhere up and down the street. Wherever the wind carried them, the little winged seeds circled and circled, moving in their gyrating ways down and over, and down again, until they hit the earth. Continue reading