Our doors will invite you in…

img_1390Our doors are in need of painting so are going to be doing something more traditional:  We’re painting our doors red!

The Story of Red Doors on Episcopal Churches

While there is no definite answer as to why many Episcopal churches have painted their doors red, this is a centuries old tradition.  Several explanations are offered:

  • When visiting a new city, the red doors help you identify the Episcopal church.
  • Red doors are a sign of sanctuary, refuge, and safety.  If being pursued and you could reach the church door, nobody would dare commit violence on that holy ground.  Churches didn’t have to abide by civil law hence pursuers could proceed no further.
  • Red represents the blood of Christ, hence going through the door takes you into a space that protects one from spiritual evil.  Doors on the north, south, and east were painted red (the sign of the cross) therefore marking a distinctive zone.
  • Red is a reminder of the Passover and God’s covenant with the Israelites.
  • Red is the symbol for the sacrificial blood of Christ which is our entry to salvation.  It is also indicative of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Wittenberg Cathedral is believed to have red doors because it is where Martin Luther posted his 95 theses thus symbolizing a church of the Reformation.
  • The mortgage is paid off.

While these explanations may or may not be the reason(s) for the red doors, suffice it to say that in today’s world, churches have red doors to show that they are a haven for emotional and spiritual healing and a place for forgiveness and reconciliation.  Our doors will represent exactly that in addition to inviting all to enter a space that is filled with welcoming warmth and the Holy Spirit.  They will gleam like fire to show the way to the Holy Spirit and exactly how the Holy Spirit will work in their lives.

The doors will be completed in the next few weeks.  Take this as an invitation to members, potential members, and strangers alike to walk through these doors!